Information for Purdue IT Technicians and others with access to add and/or edit articles inside the knowledge base.

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Checklist for Internal and Public-Facing Knowledge

Article provides checklist for ensuring articles meet content standard in the Purdue IT Knowledge Base

How to know what KBs are in need of review

This article shows you how to create a desktop in TDX that shows you a list of articles owned by your group that are due for review or are set to be reviewed in the next 30 days.

How to review and edit Knowledge Base Articles

Instructions for reviewing Knowledge Base articles

Knowledge base article status and life cycle

The lifecycle of a Knowledge Base article begins with a Not Submitted article and progresses through when an article is archived. You can see where an article is in the lifecycle by referring to its Status.

Knowledge Base: Create a Link in an Article

How to add a link to a knowledge base article

Knowledge Base: Definition of Terms

This is a quick overview to orient you to TDX knowledge terms.

Knowledge Base: Embed a Video Into an Article

You can embed a video from Kaltura or YouTube into a knowledge base article to help your audience better understand the instructions in the article.

Knowledge Base: Expectations for Standard Knowledge Activities

Overview matrix of Knowledge Base expectations based on role

Knowledge Base: Give Feedback on Articles

Anyone with a technician role in TDX can leave Feedback on an article and can see all the Feedback left on any article. Feedback helps us keep our Knowledge Base up to date and relevant. Give feedback when content is unclear, incorrect, or could use improvement.

Knowledge Base: How to add image to TDX Knowledge Base article.

This article provides instructions on how to add images to TDX Knowledge Base articles.

Knowledge Base: How to create a Knowledge Base Article for Purdue IT

This article is for Purdue IT technicians who have access to create articles in the Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base: Make Anchor or In-Page Links

Instructions for creating an anchor text in an article for linking to other text in the article.

Knowledge Base: Purdue IT Knowledge Base permissions and access

All Purdue IT employees who have access to the Team Dynamics portal also have access to the Purdue IT knowledge base depending on their level of training and involvement.

Knowledge Base: Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every Purdue IT support professional to contribute to our knowledge ecosystem. Effective contribution requires collaboration, both within your team and with others. The level of your contribution depends on your role.

Knowledge Base: Roles and responsibilities of Knowledge Base Team Leads

In TDX, individuals identified as “Team Leads” for knowledge base access have additional permissions and responsibilities for submitting knowledge. This article intends to provide an overview of various aspects of the role.

Knowledge Base: Search for Duplicate Knowledge before Creating a New Article

Before creating a new knowledge article, it is important to search for existing resources.

Knowledge Base: Search the Knowledge Base

All technicians can view all Knowledge Base articles regardless of an article's status or ownership. Article provides an overview of searching options.

Knowledge Base: Use Existing Content to Create an Article

Overview of how and when to add knowledge from other sources to the Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base: Visibility and Editing Matrix

The matrix in this article shows the visibility for all consumers of the Purdue IT Knowledge Base.