Purdue Fort Wayne- Sharing files and folders in OneDrive for Business


Step-by-step process on how to share folders and files in OneDrive for Business. 


The directions on how to share folders and files in OneDrive for Business: 

  1. Share Button:

    • Select the item in the left column.
    • Click the “Share” button.
    • Choose the recipient and set permissions (edit or view).
  2. Sharing Column:

    • Right-click on the item you want to share under the “Sharing” column.
    • Share or manage permissions.
  3. Edit Permissions:

    • Under “Shared with,” choose whether the person can edit or view the file or folder.
    • Optionally, you can stop sharing.
  4. Invite People:

    • Click “Invite people” to share a folder or file.
    • Enter the name or email address of a faculty/staff member.
    • Use the drop-down to select their permissions (edit or view).
    • Add a personal message (optional).
    • Uncheck the “Send an email invitation” option if needed.

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