Ag - How to add a network printer to a personal Mac


This Knowledge Base will walk you through the steps of adding an Agricultural Department Managed Printer to a personal Mac Device.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Connect to either BOILERAD, VPN, or PAL 3.0 on your device.
    • Download and install HP drivers from this URL - . This is only if you want full functionality and only for HP printers. You will need to download and install specific drivers for printers of any other make. This is completely optional as the Poscript and Generic PCL will allow you to print but will lack some of the features a named printer driver would give.


  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left of the menu bar and go into System Preferences/System Settings


01 - System Preferences/System Settings

  •  Click or search for Printers & Scanners and click the “+”(Older MacOS versions) or "Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax" (Newer MacOS versions).

02 - New Mac Printer settings

(Newer MacOS)


03 - Old Mac Printers & Scanners

(Older MacOS)


  • CTRL+click/right-click on a blank space next to the icons and click on Customize Toolbar


04 - Customize Toolbar

  • Click and hold Advanced and drag it to the toolbar next to the other icons. Click Done.

05 - Advanced option

  • Press the Advanced Icon and wait until you see the screen below come up. Change Type to Windows printer via spools.

06 - Windows printer via spools


  • Under URL, enter the network path to the printer. The format for this will be the following: SMB//(Server Name) Name)
    • Note: The network path will remain mostly static with only the server number and the Printer Name changing.
    • Example: SMB//


  • The information you need for the network path is located on a sticker that is physically on the printer you are wanting to add. In the example below, you will see the printer and server name located on a sticker. You will use both pieces of information to type in the network path.  

07 - URL field

  • For Name, you can name it for the room it will be in (example – AGAD 21)
  • Leave Location as is
  • For Use, you can either go to “Select Software” (only applicable if you have HP/named drivers installed) and search for the printer's model number or choose “Generic PCL” for black and white printers or Generic PostScript for Color printers.

08 - Printer naming

  •  Click Add
    • You will be prompted for your Purdue credentials. Make sure you replace the name information with your Purdue username preceded by boilerad\ (eg. Boilerad\username). The password will be your Purdue password. Make sure to check the box next to “Remember this password in my keychain” before clicking OK


09 - enter credentials


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