Ag - How to add a Network Printer to a managed Windows Device


This Knowledge Base will take you through the steps for adding an Agriculture Managed Printer to an Agriculture Managed Windows PC.




College of Agriculture: How to add a new College of Agriculture Purdue managed Printer to your Ag Managed Windows Computer



  • Connect to either BOILERAD, VPN, or PAL 3.0 on your Device



  • Open the Search Menu on your device and type “AgIT Help” in the path field as shown below and press Enter

AgIT Help - Start Menu

  • On the AgIT Support Assistant application, under the “Tools” section, you will find an “Install printers” option. Click “Install printers".

Note: You may need to expand the AgIT Support Assistant window.

AgIT Support Assistant

  • After a few seconds, a window will appear with all network printers in the College of Ag. You can use the Filter Bar at the top of the window to filter the listed printers by Department, Building, or Room Number.

Ag Printer List

  • In the Filter/Search field, type in the Building, Department, and Room Number. Then, select that printer and click” OK.”

Note: You can select multiple printers by pressing and holding CTRL on your keyboard as you click on the desired printers that you would like to install. Once they are all selected, press "OK
Filtered Printer List



  • Once you click “OK", you will get a notification that the printer is being added. Click “OK”.

Note: This will minimize all currently open windows.
Printer being added

  • After a few seconds, another pop-up window will appear, saying the printer was successfully added.

Printer has been added



  • Once added, you can select this printer when printing from your computer. To add another printer, repeat these steps.


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