Ag - How do I add a network printer on my personal Windows PC?


This article is for faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture who want to connect their personal computer to a network computer. 


  1. Know the name or location of the new printer - it should be labeled on the printer itself. 
    1. A list of all printers, their names, and server can be found on:
    2. Once signed-in - click 'rates'. A list of all printers and their server can be found
  2. Be a member of the proper group to print to that printer.
  3. If quotas are in place, have a positive balance (or be unrestricted), check this from
    1. If there is a negative balance, contact AgIT or the business office.
  4. Be connected with one of the following network connections: 
    • Ethernet connection on AG’s network
    • PAL on campus or CES for extension
    • Connection to the internet and a VPN connection

NOTE: If the server name itself isn’t working, try including the fullname ( The server for extension is \\42<county, district office, or PAC> (eg. \\, \\, or \\

  1. Click on the start menu and type the name of the server with two backslashes at the beginning and one at the end (eg. '\\wpvapppcag02\').
  2. When prompted, enter username and password including the BoilerAD domain before the username as in the example below.

    Login credentials
  3. Locate the printer and double-click on the icon. 

    Finding Printer in Explorer
  4. A prompt for username and password may appear again when printing the first time, if so, add the domain again as in the previous step.


Still need help?  Click the 'Purdue IT Request' button to start a ticket.

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