What is HANA?


HANA Uses Microsoft Excel and its PivotTables to access and analyze SAP HANA data.



HANA Uses Microsoft Excel and its PivotTables to access and analyze SAP HANA data.


SAP HANA supports various versions of Microsoft Excel including 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Excel for Microsoft 365. The BICC maintains two SAP HANA Cubes that can be analyzed using Excel PivotTables:

A SAP HANA Cube is a type of SAP HANA “Calculation View”. A calculation view is a flexible information view that you can use to define more advanced slices on the data available in the SAP HANA database. A calculation view can include any combination of tables, views, and you can create joins, unions, and aggregations. Calculation views can include measures and be used for multidimensional reporting, or can contain no measures and used for list-type reporting.

HANA Training


HANA Usage Information

The BICC has created a Tableau dashboard that shows general usage of SAP HANA Cubes. It contains the following fields:

  • Timestamp – Date/Time of login
  • Username – SAP HANA user account
  • Computer Username – Microsoft Windows user account
  • Computer Name – Name of computer used to login to SAP HANA
  • Login Status – Status of login attempt (e.g. SUCCESSFUL)

Accessing the Dashboard

To successfully run the dashboard, you need the following role: S4 - BI DtaBI285_000_IT_DATA_LEVEL_2. For more information about this role, and how to requestit, please see the Boiler Insight User Manual.

HANA Usage Dashboard


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