How do I map a drive to my network file space?


There are multiple drives to map at Purdue, depending on your role with the university. 


NOTE:  If you are off-campus, you may need to connect to the VPN before you are able to successfully connect to your home drive or network drive.  To do this, please visit How do I connect to the Purdue VPN? 

NOTE:  If you are in a Purdue IT supported lab and need to map a drive to your departmental file share, there are several issues that may arise.  These machines are on the BoilerAD domain.  If your file share is still on the OnePurdue domain, you will connect, but you may not have authorization to update files.  If this happens, you will need to specify the OnePurdue domain by prefixing your login with 'OnePurdue\'.  This should provide the permissions you would normally have on this server. 

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