Knowledge Base: Roles and responsibilities of Knowledge Base Team Leads


In TDX, individuals identified as “Team Leads” for knowledge base access have additional permissions and responsibilities for submitting knowledge. This article intends to provide an overview of various aspects of the role.


Creating knowledge base articles

Leads can create articles in the same manner as KB contributors, as outlined in “Internal Purdue IT article: How to create a Knowledge Base Article for Purdue IT” however they have additional permissions they should be made aware of:

  • Leads will be able to set the status of articles submitted to them as well as their own articles by using the status bar.

    • Marking the status “Approved” means the article is now visible to all Internal Purdue IT users or internally to the group that was selected in the permissions tab.

    • If an article is intended for the Public knowledge base, the Knowledge Manager will be notified, review it, and publish it to the knowledge base.

    • The status “submitted” means the article is pending review by a team lead.

    • Setting the status as “rejected” sends the article back to the creator and it is not published to the internal knowledge base.

    • Setting the status to “Archived” means it is no longer visible to outside users.

Approving articles from others

Your team members are instructed to email you a notification when they have submitted an article for publication.

However, you can check for articles pending review by clicking the “Articles Pending Review” tab located beneath “Knowledge Base” on the portal. You can search for articles by creator name, key word, and more….be aware that you’ll be able to see and approve articles submitted from across the organization. Please only approve articles from members of your team.

Editing Published/Approved Articles 

Team leads have the ability to edit ANY article in the knowledge base, published or otherwise. Leads should take precaution that they are updating articles that belong to their team or their area of expertise. Changes made and saved (using the Update Article button) to Published/Approved articles will be instantly updated - meaning the changes will be live in Production and visible to users. If you would like to update an article and have it reviewed before going live, use the "Save as Draft" button. 

Article work flow

Team leads have the responsibility for reviewing and approving their team’s articles before submission.

Team leads will be the final level of review for articles that are created for team internal use, or for internal use by all of Purdue IT. Articles that are intended for the public knowledge base will be forwarded and reviewed by the Knowledge Manager, who’ll review again before publishing.

To submit an article, the team lead should mark the status of an article as Approved.

It is important to mark all internal articles with a title that starts with “Internal _________ Article:”

For more information about ticket status and internal viewing permissions, see “Purdue IT internal article: Understanding Knowledge Base viewing permissions.”

In TDX, the Knowledge Manager will review feedback submitted about the article, and may contact the team lead if feedback needs to be addressed.

Article workflow diagram

Purdue IT Request Print Article


Article ID: 562
Wed 1/3/24 2:56 PM
Mon 4/1/24 3:26 PM

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