How to mass assign/update tickets in TDX as a technician

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The following is a guide for technicians on how to update, assign, or comment on multiple tickets at the same time in TDX. This is a variation of the techniques used for Searching and Filtering Tickets.

For a general guide on updating tickets, see the article "How to update tickets in TDX as a technician." For video tutorials on the Service Request and Incident practices, and how to use the TDNext portal to create, review and update tickets, see the article "Incident and Service Request best practices in TDX (TeamDynamix )."


When working in a ticketing app, follow these general guidelines:  

  1. Click on the word "Tickets" in the left navigation menu to see all active tickets (or at least the 300 most recently modified active tickets by default). In the Purdue IT Tickets app, these include ticket statuses New, Assigned, In Process, Awaiting Customer Response, Pending Internal, and Pending External.

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  2. Use the filter button in the top-right to narrow down your search as needed. If you have multiple filters selected, the filter will use an AND relationship, only showing you the tickets where all of the criteria are true. You may also adjust the Max Results and Page Size options to display more tickets if necessary.

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  3. Check the box next to each ticket you want to assign, update, or comment on. Per the screenshot below, selecting the checkbox at the top of a page will select all tickets on that page.

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  4. Click on the Actions dropdown menu in the top left. Clicking Comment, Update, or Assign will each open a new window and allow you to modify all selected tickets.

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    • Comment - allows you to add the same comments to selected tickets and optionally notify the ticket creators, requestors, reviewers, or responsible persons/groups (assignees).

    • Update - allows you to change the status for selected tickets (including setting them to resolved, closed or cancelled). Each mass update requires a comment, though notifying the ticket creators, requestors, reviewers, or responsible persons/groups (assignees) is optional.

    • Assign - allows you to reassign the selected tickets to the same group (no matter the original assignees). Commenting and notifying the new assignee(s) are optional.



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