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The article explains how to manage subscribers of a Listserv at Purdue Fort Wayne using the web interface or email commands.
The provided statement outlines the process for receiving a list of common LISTSERV commands.
Listserv has many common keywords that a user may not know what they mean when using this application.
This document shows how to edit the default messages that Listserv sends to users for various actions, such as confirming requests, adding subscribers, removing subscribers, etc.
This document provides instructions on how to add a subscriber to a Listserv, an email list service at Purdue Fort Wayne, using either the web interface or the e-mail commands.
The document describes the features and settings of three types of Listservs: open discussion list, moderated list, and announcement list. Each type of list has different options for subscription, confidentiality, validation, reply-to, notify, auto-delete, review, send, owner, moderator, and editor, which are explained with examples in the document.
The document provides instructions on how to receive a list of the Listservs owned by a user by sending an email with specific commands in the body.
This document is a tutorial on how to modify Listserv settings, a service that allows users to create and manage email lists at PFW. It shows how to log in, select a list, edit the list header manually, and change the list title, description, or attachments.
The document provides an overview of various terms related to listservs and email distribution lists.
A Listserv is an email distribution list that allows messages to be sent to all members (subscribers) of the list.
This document explains how to remove a subscriber from a Listserv, either through the web interface or the e-mail commands.
This document provides a list of common error messages that users may receive from when they send a command to a Listserv, which is an email list service at Purdue Fort Wayne. The error messages indicate the possible reasons for the command failure, such as incorrect syntax, invalid password, unauthorized request, or mismatched email address.
The document explains how to create and manage Listservs, which are email lists for official, academic, or research purposes at Purdue Fort Wayne. To request a new Listserv, users need to fill out a form and then use either email commands or a web interface to configure their lists.
The document is a guide on how to use Listserv, a tool that enables users to create and manage email lists at PFW. It covers various topics such as logging in, setting passwords, configuring lists, adding owners, moderators, and editors, performing bulk operations, and setting notification and review options.
The document provides step-by-step instructions on how to set a new password for Listserv, a service that allows users to create and manage email lists at PFW. The document also explains how to log in, register a password, confirm a password, and reset a password using the Listserv web interface.